Schizophrenia- Signs & Symptoms from a Family Perspective

Schizophrenia Symptoms Examples of Physical Symptoms: A blank, vacant facial expression. An inability to smile or express emotion through the face is so characteristic of the disease that it was given the name of affective flattening or a blunt affect. Overly acute senses- lights are too bright, sounds are too loud. Staring, while in deep […]

Screening of Bedlam- March 3rd 2020 Phoenix, AZ

by Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill Date and Time Tue, March 3, 2020 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM MST Location: Harkins Theatres North Valley 16 3420 East Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85032 Description THEATRE OPENS AT 6:30 pm SCREENING BEGINS 7 pm PANEL DISCUSSION Post Show Description: Ken Rosenberg becomes a filmmaker to show […]

What Schizophrenia Does to Families

After reading the article in the Washington Post Magazine and hearing from families with loved ones involved with the terrible repeated failure of the behavioral health system, I thought about the differences in the initial treatment of medical versus behavioral health crisis. While it is generally accepted that the earlier psychosis is detected and treated, […]

More Dollars Dedicated for Serious Mental Illness Research is Needed

Association For The Chronically Mentally Ill (ACMI) believes there is sea change going on around mental illness and what has worked and what has areas for improvement.  Among the most promising changes is that SAMSHA and mental health “think tanks” as well as community-based organizations like ACMI are discussing the need for additional research on […]

Bedlam- An Intimate Journey Into America’s Mental Health Crisis Review

 From Bedlam- When Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg trained as a psychiatrist in the late 1980s, the state mental hospitals, which had reached peak occupancy in the 1950s, were being closed at an alarming rate, with many patients having nowhere to go. There has never been a more important time for this conversation, as one in five […]

Jail is not the right place for many mentally ill persons in Arizona

While some folks that suffer from mental illness may also suffer from personality disorders or violent tendencies, most persons with mental illness are not violent perpetrators when treated appropriately. For individuals that have a mental illness but do not have violent or personality disorder which predispose them to violent tendencies, they should not be in […]

Were They Listening in at Our ACMI Meetings? How Two Separate Working Groups Came up with Very Similar Recommendations

The Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill (ACMI) was created approximately two years ago by families with children that have serious mental illness and strong advocates that work helping such families. All board members are volunteers, and none work for any behavioral agency nor receive monies from AHCCCS or any provider agency.      The stories […]

Tragic Endings as the Current Behavioral Health Systems and Mental Health Community Believes that the Status Quo is Ok

Cheryl Roberts of the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice has been working for many years to provide an alternative to incarceration for individuals that are treatment resistant.  “For those who refuse treatment, like Santos, the default is often the streets. Yet undeterred by this reality, the public fails to fund robust supportive housing […]

Can Trieste Model Work in Los Angeles?

We mentioned Trieste Italy in an earlier blog. How are People with Serious mental Illness Faring in our Jails? Trieste is a city and a seaport in northeastern Italy. The metropolitan population of Trieste is 410,000, with the town comprising about 240,000 inhabitants. Trieste has a culture that embraces its most vulnerable people and, as a community, […]