Want To End Stigma? Stop Spending Time and $ On Changing Minds & Fund Research

BY PETE EARLEY Well known journalist and author Pete Earley published the following blog about ACMI board members’ story. (3-1-19) We spend much time, money and effort fighting stigma. Charles Goldstein, a parent of an adult son with a serious mental illness, a doctor and a mental health advocate recently questioned the value of such efforts. Put […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) Secure Residential Treatment Facilities

Isn’t a secure residential treatment facility just a “mini” hospital?    No.  Secure residential treatment facilities are a new addition to the continuum of care, not a replacement or alternative to short term inpatient psychiatric hospitals like Desert Vista or a long-term facility like Arizona State Hospital (ASH).   Secure residential treatment is intended to […]


Does the IMD Exclusion apply to secure residential treatment facilities?            No.   The IMD exclusion, which is found in section 1905(a)(B) of the Social Security Act, applies to “institutions for mental diseases” with more than 16 beds and to individuals between ages 21-65.  The IMD exclusion was intended to ensure that states, not the federal […]

What is a Lighthouse Model Community Home?

Lighthouse Model community homes are a form of long-term housing for people with serious mental illness (SMI). They are located in safe neighborhoods and run smoothly and efficiently resulting in a good relationship with the neighbors. The program is centered around the needs of the individual rather than a program (one program fits all). They […]

Why An Organization Focused on the Chronically mentally Ill?

Today over 200,000 Arizonans live with serious mental illness (SMI); more than 13 million individuals nationwide. Most are adequately served by our statewide Medicaid system commonly known as AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System). But, many of those with the most serious mental illnesses live on our streets and in and out of our […]