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Our family had a terrible experience with CBI on 358 E Javelina Ave, Mesa, AZ. My son’s ACT team strongly suggested that he go with them to CBI as he was very symptomatic. The ACT team drove him to CBI, the Nurse Practitioner (NP)called to tell us that they could not keep him since the ACT team went to the wrong door. We are his guardians. The NP said that he was really manic at the time but that he was at the outpatient door and they were closing at 4:30 PM so she was releasing him. I asked her to escort him to the right door, she refused. His psychiatrist called several times and no one answered the phone. His psychiatrist was also very frustrated that she could not contact the CBI clinical team.
I asked that they not release him until his ACT team came back to get him. They disregarded that and let him walk out. It was a bad experience for us and the ACT team. It was a waste of his public psychiatrist’s time to keep calling when no one answered the phone. The ACT team had to then petition him and have the police go out to pick him up. This is an example of the behavioral health system’s failings at a fundamental level.