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I keep it on a TurboScan program, which links to your phone camera and allows you to convert documents into PDFs into your phone and which can be emailed or printed, and I have my OneDrive on my phone. But I tried to take custody of my son’s phone from Aurora Tempe and the Aurora house manager reviewed the order and letters and told me it gave me no authority over my son’s property. So I have a relevant copy of the statute referenced in the letters that says I can. The team determined that my son can’t have a phone because he gets on social media and then gets triggered—once into running into the middle of 51st Avenue at night and lying down. We all agree it would be best for it to be taken from him (with an explanation) while he was in the hospital so that if he decompensated, it wouldn’t be in an unlocked facility. Fortunately, the BHRF house manager picked Noah up at discharge and took custody of his phone before discharge. I don’t know who at Aurora let the manager do that. Maybe I was just Using Authority While in Possession of Uterus, which troubles some people.

I also keep certified stamped copies in my car and in a folder by my door, because you never know when you’re going to need to show up places, and many agencies and pharmacies require you to present the stamped copy.

Has that AHCCCS provision ever been invoked?