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karincatherKarin Cather

Hospitals are nothing but factory farms. They have taken to discharging my son to the street without telling me or (presumably) the case manager even though they have the Letters and Order stating that I am the guardian. Shrinks never communicate with me. Copper Springs was the worst with this. The staffer came out and said, “Can I help you?” I said, “I’m the guardian.” She looked at me like I was a liar and said, “I am not aware that there is a guardianship.” I said,”Here are the Letters and Order.” Then I said, “You know he’s on COT, right?” She looked at me like I was a liar again and I said, “Here’s the order.” I said, “You know he’s an SMI client, right? Here’s a contact list of his providers and a log of his hospital stays.” There were 30 since the age of 10.

He has zero insight and was paranoid but they yeeted him out of there in 5 days, discharged to the street because he refuses a BHRF. He lasted 3 days before I took him to Aurora Tempe. He was incoherent and even more paranoid. No shrink talked to me and they discharged him to the street after 10 days (b/c of the Thanksgiving holiday) without telling me or the case manager.

He is now homeless again, now with zero insight, saying he’s not SMI even though he’s been in the hospital more times than he’s been out of one for the past five months and he is on COT. He’s living in a McDonald’s parking lot. The mental health system is terrible. Mercy Care could improve this if they actually responded to complaints, because they could yank funding from crappy hospitals, but they don’t care.