Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill (ACMI)


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Dr. James Stein – Cardiologist at UW

Fast Facts from the Treatment Advocacy Center

Prevalence and Treatment Rates*

  • 8.3 million adults with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder mental illness (3.3% of the population)+
  • 5.5 million – approximate number with severe bipolar disorder (2.2% of the population), 51% untreated+
  • 2.8 million – approximate number with schizophrenia (1.1% of the population), 40% untreated+
  • 3.9 million – approximate number untreated in any given year (1.6% of the population)+​​

+National Institute of Mental Health, 2016
**2015 Annual Homeless Assessment Report
From <http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/evidence-and-r

Consequences of Non-treatment*

  • 169,000 homeless people with serious mental illness**
  • 383,000 inmates with mental illness in jails and prisons
  • 50% – estimated percentage of individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar who attempt suicide during their lifetimes
  • 44,193 suicide deaths in 2015
  • 10% – estimated percentage of homicides involving an offender with serious mental illness (approximately 1,425 per year at 2014 homicide rates)
  • 29% – estimated percentage of family homicides associated with serious mental illness
  • 50% – estimated percentage of mass killings associated with serious mental illness* Numbers and percentages of US adults

This is one family’s story depicting how chaotic life was for their loved one, for them, and their community. It was not until their loved one had a lengthy involuntarily stay in a Level 1 psychiatric hospital did he/she gain insight into their illness and begin recovery.

ACMI board and advisers discuss need for additional support and services for persons with chronic mental illness


Did You Know…

ACMI has commisioned a study with ASU: Mapping the Costs of Serious Mental Illness, expected September 2020

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