ACMI would like families and members to submit feedback on their experiences with Court Ordered Evaluation / Court Ordered Treatment (COE/COT). Arizona has some very smart laws in this area. There is ample protection for individuals’ liberty, safety, and long-term recovery. All individuals undergoing COT are provided attorneys, all COT orders are subject to review, and the individual on COT can ask the court to review a COT order to either modify or terminate the order if appropriate. Our current COT process protects the individual while assuring them of treatment. It saves lives.

Provide feedback to help AHCCCS strengthen the process to ensure our loved ones experiencing a psychiatric episode get timely and appropriate care. 

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COE/COT Training Development

In response to the Committee’s recommendations, AHCCCS has created a Court Ordered Evaluation / Court Ordered Treatment (COE/COT) committee. The goal of this committee is to develop an effective and standardized statewide training on Court Ordered Evaluation and Treatment. This training will include individual county processes, resources, and peer and family member perspectives.

OIFA’s statewide are collaborating to gather the peer and family member voice and experience with the COE/COT process. Please help us by completing this survey.