Our Vision

Improve the well-being of Chronic Seriously Mentally Ill population by providing more “Lighthouse-like community living * and more Contained Treatment Facilities.  We will work with all persons and organizations who share our deep concern for the well-being of this population.
We define persons suffering with Chronic Mental Illness as those persons who:


  • (a) tend to be refractory (i.e. whose illness interferes with their acceptance of treatment),
  • (b) tend to suffer anosognosia (i.e. inability to comprehend their clinically evident mental illness),
  • (c) usually are ejected from existing care programs for exhibiting symptoms of their illness and
  • (d) tend to recycle through residential treatment programs, scattered-site apartments, the streets, jails, emergency rooms, hospitals, back to residential treatment programs, and so on and so forth, for years and even decades as their psychosis and often their substance abuse worsens, their physical well-being declines and their misery and that of their families intensifies.

* Lighthouse-like community living properties have 24-hours per day and 7-days per week supportive staff inside these properties, Person-centered culture rather than Program centered culture.